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Identification of fever and vaccine-associated gene interaction networks using ontology-based literature mining. Ontology-based Brucella vaccine literature indexing and systematic analysis of gene-vaccine association network. Modeling biomedical experimental processes with OBI. Drug Safety.

First online: 22 March Nucleic Acid Research. Pages OntoFox: web-based support for ontology reuse. BMC Research Notes. CJ, He Y. Ontodog: a web-based ontology community view generation tool.

Audible - Hörbücher Download | 30 Tage kostenlos testen

Ontorat: Automatic generation of new ontology terms, annotations, and axioms based on ontology design patterns. Ong E, He Y. Community-based ontology development, annotation and discussion with MediaWiki extension Ontokiwi and Ontokiwi-based Ontobedia. The eXtensible ontology development XOD principles and tool implementation to support ontology interoperability.

Note : use VO to study Brucella vaccines. In press. Note : all vaccine adjuvants in Vaxjo are annotated in VO. Ontology-based combinatorial comparative analysis of adverse events associated with killed and live influenza vaccines. Marcos E , He Y. July 7, Full-length proceeding paper. Statistical and ontological analysis of adverse events associated with monovalent and combination vaccines against hepatitis A and B diseases.

Scientific Reports. Differential adverse event profiles associated with BCG as a preventive tuberculosis vaccine or therapeutic bladder cancer vaccine identified by comparative ontology-based VAERS and literature meta-analysis. Analyses of Brucella pathogenesis, host immunity, and vaccine targets using systems biology and bioinformatics. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology. Ontology-based meta-analysis of animal and human adverse events associated with licensed brucellosis vaccines.

Frontiers in Pharmacology. Journal of Biomedical Semantics.. Computational vaccinology and the ICoVax workshop. Journal of Biomedical Semantics , 3 Ontology-based vaccine and drug adverse event representation and theory-guided systematic causal network analysis towards integrative pharmacovigilance research. Current Pharmacology Reports. Ontology-supported research on vaccine efficacy, safety, and integrative biological networks.

The Immunization Baby Book

Expert Reviews in Vaccines. Epub Jun 7. But with the virus still spreading, the Wardens hot on their trail, and hundreds of miles to cross, Kaelyn finds herself compromising her morals to keep her group alive. Her conscience seems a small price to pay if protects them and their precious cargo. To survive this shattered world, will Kaelyn have to sacrifice all that's left of the girl she used to be?

Genre: Young Adult Romance. What the hell are you doing?

Vaccination: Vaccination Trilogy, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Do you really want other survivors or even those 'things' here? I just settled him! Out of all the people she had to survive with, she was left with Daniel; a man with little patience and would happily boss you around. She hardly knew him.

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Actually, she didn't know him at all, but she was desperate at the time, following a transmission from a survivor camp somewhere in the mountains. That was until her car broke down and he happened to be heading to the same place. They weren't sure if the camp was still there or if it was already overrun, but it was hope.

Noah settled once more, so Tara put him in his car seat at the back of Daniel's red pickup truck. His eyes opened for a second, she couldn't believe the expression on his face. His deep, hazel eyes holding a blazing joy, mouth wide in a smile. Tara stroked his cheek, smiling back at him. He was Tara's hope. They began to pack up and leave the lake. But the sky bellowed, light piercing through the clouds.

Hurry, pack your stuff and let's move!

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It started with a slight drizzle, soon evolving into a raging storm of heavy rain and hail, the wind howling, trees creaking and lurching violently. They both went for the truck, but the hail was so abrupt and dense that it hurt too much to carry on. I'll get Noah! Where's Noah?

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What kind of a mother would do that? She put her hands through her hair, panic began to overcome her.


Tara slapped it away. Tara listened, but couldn't hear anything besides the storm.

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She just wanted to get to her boy, anxiously looking back over to the truck, her dark brown hair whipping round to her face with every gust of forceful wind. They were both drenched. Tara was shivering.

here We need to get to the truck, now! That's fine by me. The howls in the woods Truck, now! They turned, only to be confronted by a sudden fog seeping in from all around them, consuming them into blindness. Tara walked on with caution, pulling a machete from her belt, whilst Daniel trailed along behind, holding his gun with both of his trembling hands. The storm had died down.

They caught sight of the truck, the moon's silver light glinting off the red paint.