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Roman et langue au XXe siècle
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Page A Jeanne et moi. Et chaque fois, nos regards se croisaient.

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Je mis un temps avant de comprendre. Suivez lecteurs. Les Petits Chevaux de Tarqui.. Marguerite Duras. Graziella Alphonse de Lamartine. Plage de Manaccora, 16h30 Philippe Jaenada. Villa Amalia Pascal Quignard. Rencontrez Caroline Laurent. Listes avec ce livre 2 Voir plus. Autres livres de Vincent Almendros 2 Voir plus. Lecteurs Voir plus. Anna Gavalda. Janine Boissard. Philippe Besson. Lionel Duroy. Quiz Voir plus.

Lire la critique sur le site : Culturebox. Lire la critique sur le site : Lexpress. International, interdisciplinary conference. International Conference. International Interdisciplinary Conference. Working With Powerless Knowledge.

Écriture d'invention à la manière de Marguerite Duras (le roman et ses personnages, 1S)

The John Meisel Humanities Center. Aid to Scholarly Publications. Post-doctoral Fellowship in Art History, U.

The Erotics of Passage

British Columbia. Gender translation problems in these two countries, in the first place, were connected mostly with the lack of appropriate scientific vocabulary and terminology, with the difficulties of translation into Ukrainian and Russian languages obscene, taboo vocabulary, often used in the original works by women and in transmission of gender oriented works.

Exploring the influence of the gender component on the process of translation, Russian theorists noted that focus on gender differences in the manifestation of language began long before the Canadian interpreters. Mitrohina, A. Bessarabenko, E. Gritsenko and others point to the works of I. Herder, G. Grimm, V. Humboldt, R. Lakoff and F. Mauthner and O. Mautnera, who in the early 20th century, studying male and female verbal behavior in different social groups, correlated gender variability in the language with social causes [9].

Fundamental Russian research in order to analyze the gender dimensions of the translation process can be found in the preface written by Elena Zdravomyslova and Anna Temkina in "the anthology of feminist texts", published in by the publishing house of "Dmitry Bulanin" [10].

Later, the issues of theoretical gender in translation were investigated. Burukina, O.

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Moysova, Yu. Kulikova, N. Korableva, I. Denisova, M. Eliferova, A. Popova, A. Polyakova, O. Osi-novskaya, Z. Kokoeva etc. Russian experts in translation focused on two major aspects of gender translation - on the peculiarity of the gender component transfer in the translation of works of art O.

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Burukina, I. Eliferova and on the peculiarities of translation of literary works, taking into account the gender of translators O. Kulikova, L. At the root of translation gender studies in Ukraine was Solomia Pavlychko - Doctor of Philology, Professor of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, member of the National Union of Writers in Ukraine since and the Association of Ukrainian Writers , winner of the Academician Sergey Efremov's prize posthumously , an outstanding Ukrainian literary critic, historian of literature and feminism, a talented translator.

Solomia Pavlychko was one of the first Ukrainian translators in practice who came across the gender issues while translating from English into Ukrainian David Lawrence's novel "Lady Chatterley's Lover" [11]. The Publishing house of S. It was one of the rare cases when the Ukrainian translation of the classical philosophical book was published much earlier than Russian Russian translation came out in However, this translation was not free from certain problems in the approaches to the translation of such texts.

It had problems with terminology, and it displayed misunderstanding of many cultural contexts that were very important to the French writer. If we compare with the original, the Ukrainian translation has gaps, omissions - translators seemed, in such a way, to simplify their task.

en residence — Château de Lavigny

In consequence, such Ukrainian researchers as A. Sizova, A. Rogatyuk, L. Kramorova, N. Evtushenko, E.

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  6. Timchenko, K. Bondarenko, A. Bondarenko and others dealt with analysis of gender transmission in translation. Gender aspects of literary translation in the first place, suggest an accurate representation of the original gender-marked units in the translated text. Thus, it is extremely important for translators to determine which translation strategies would allow us to prevent the minimization, neutralization or hyperbolisation of gender marked original.

    However, there is a problem, which in our opinion greatly affects the adequacy of the translation of texts written by women. One can not ignore that modern French women's prose has presented a large number of names and works, and it is not considered from a gender position as something homogeneous. Writers differ primarily in the degree of their level of engagement with respect to ideas of feminism.