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But before that, and paradoxically, some History. Starting with short stories, they would soon have their own long, album-sized stories, not to mention all the commercial derivatives that would come later, up to the absolutely appalling cinematographic versions of recent times. This book is precisely the first album that was issued, in , representing and redrawing three stories that had been published in Le journal de Spirou , between and Many accounts have been written of what united historically, editorially and stylistically these authors being the rotund forms of characters the most immediate recognizable trait, and launched, where the Schtroumpfs are concerned, with this very book, drawn in a slightly different way from the Spirou magazine version.

No matter who is drawing them, no matter what the genre is, the ears will always look like little puffed-up brioches. That shape, in a weird Bertillon-meets-Haeckel kind of way, is the foetus-like seed of the round characters that seem to be made of recombinable elements. The Schtroumpfs take that to a whole new level, repeating the same model over and over again with little, yet significant, individuation changes.

Characters are defined by traits such as glasses, a twisted sense of humour, a knack for cooking, or being permanently pissed off, and so on. It is true that later stories would add other elements, like the baby, another female character, and so on, but it is of the same order as in the case of Disney characters, which only on a later date would introduce mommas and poppas, in a land where previously there were only asexualized uncles and nephews.

Moreover, the diegetic objects they pick up and the backgrounds in which they move are also fused in this absolute ground. In some cases, the presence of white the pants and hats of the Schtroumpfs, the white of the eyes of characters, the inside of the speech balloons, clouds, an illuminated surface, etc.

This short circuits many of the elements of the story, which can lead to oppositional interpretations, especially addressing those that identify in this book a discourse that upholds imbued racist views. This book has been translated and published all across Europe and elsewhere. It reached Portugal and Spain in the late s as a book, for instances. We cannot address all the issues discussed in this book, as well as its methodologies, its textual choices and analyses which include some stretches of the imagination. In comics, the fantasy of turning into another skin colour, especially from white to black — which is very different from the theme of passing , black as white — has been a common theme in comics throughout its history.

Mark McKinney, in his articles and books, has addressed this often, with his excellent historic contextualization of Francophone comics. After all, no matter how many people want to discuss these things as mathematical equation, where commutative properties hold true, the fact is, blackface is not whiteface. Not historically, socially, or politically. In the case of the Schtroumpfs, dealing as it was with European symbolism and mythology, black appears as a symbol of corruption and evil, but that is precisely a reading that was then applied to people with dark skin.

Ils arrivent!

S JOURNEY PDF Original - Free E-Book Download

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Smurfs accused of antisemitism and racism

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Saute sur la couverture! J'ai vu ce que vous avez fait pour la rousse et la brune. Si vous voulez que je saute, placez la couverture par terre et reculez-vous d'une dizaine de pieds pour que je sois bien certaine que personne n'y touche. Tu peux me passer maman? Et oncle Joe?