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Wondering in what situations you should and should not perform CPR? If CPR is not performed, it takes three to four minutes for a person to become brain-dead due to a lack of oxygen.

Inside the secret lives of functioning heroin addicts

Learn how to perform CPR and the Heimlich. IFTTT is a free app that connects different web services. You can set up the DO button to perform a one touch action like call for help, post to social media, or whatever it takes to keep you safe. BB guns and pellet guns are not toys and should be treated with the respect of a weapon.

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Keep them in secure storage and supervise use to help reduce the risk of injury. The use of such weapons leads to almost 22, injuries each year. The most important part of owning a weapon is keeping it in a secure place away from children. The second most important part is learning how to use it and by practicing every few months. More than likely you will never need to use a weapon but in the event of a home invasion, a weapon may be your best bet.

Disasters can strike in an instant. One way we suggest preparing is by creating a tornado safe room. This room should be window free and stocked with emergency supplies like food, water, medication, and an emergency radio. If you live in a tornado prone area, keep bike helmets in your safe place to protect those pretty cabezas. Many companies offer free severe weather alerts that can be sent straight to your phone. Also, many local cities and counties have emergency services that will text you if local emergencies occur.

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I suggest that you sign up for both so that you can stay ahead of the game. Join the neighborhood watch or start your own. There is nothing like neighbors looking out for neighbors. Many neighbors now have their own Facebook page which can also be used to voice safety concerns or suspicious activity.

Through IFTTT, a free app that connects web services, you can automate your home to alert your neighbors. Calling the police is great but if you live in suburbia you might have more luck asking all your noisy amazing neighbors to check on your place. Find out if your local police department offers free home security checks and take advantage of the service. Many police departments will provide a survey or an assessment with suggestions for security improvements. Some PDs offer free vacation checks in which they will stop by to check on your home while you are on vacation.

These are all free services that we should use.

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Medical Safety devices are different from home security systems and the two technologies are not interchangeable. If a fall or emergency occurs, that person can use the wearable to call for help. Water is needed for survival. I would say it is more important than food. With that said, you should always be prepared for the worst case scenario.

It is recommended that you store at least one gallon of water per person for three days. You should also keep a four day supply of food handy.

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I like to stock things like Cliff Bars and bean soups which are calorie packed and store for a long time. If you have a baby you should also keep prepared baby food on hand. Radios may be obsolete technology but they can still come in handy during an emergency. Also consider investing in a NOAA radio. This will help you stay up-to-date on hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and more. I am not a doctor but a drug that I think most should have on hand is Aspirin. If someone has a heart attack you should call and then bring them aspirin and water.

Chewed aspirin works faster than a swallowed pill and is what I suggest for your emergency medicine cabinet. Pretty straight forward right? Also, some items in a First Aid kit do expire. If you own one it may be worth looking through to see if certain items need to be replaced. Make sure your street address number is visible from the street during the day and at night.

Should you need help in an emergency, this will aid emergency responders who want to find you quickly. The faster they find your house, the faster you get help and in an emergency every second counts. Smart is a free service used by select agencies. Through Smart you can set up a family profile with pictures of each family member, information about the family member, medical information like drug allergies, pet information, and pictures.

In the event of an emergency the information you put into the tool will be shared with emergency responders. Another free online service is called Family Watchdog. This website is geared more toward tracking sex offenders. You can also use the service to sign up for free alerts to keep updated as sex offenders move into or out of your area. Do you really need friends? Let me ask it this way…do you really want people to know everything about you? At the very least, do not let the social media world know that you are on vacation for two weeks while your house sits vacant.

GFCIs are required by code in certain rooms. If you like to slice and dice you should invest in no cut safety gloves, which can be found on Amazon. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The only way to know for sure is to test your home.

The EPA and the Surgeon General both recommend testing for all homes and also 1st or 2nd floor apartments. You can buy a radon gas test from Amazon. Locking the front door seems pretty brainless but most people do not think to lock things like gates, sheds, and garages which can be susceptible to a quick grab and run. I suggest investing in a good lock for all three items or even adding an outdoor video camera to keep an eye on things.

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I hope this one is common sense but just in case…if you are using medication or own weapons please keep them locked up. Keep household cleaners and medications out of the kitchen and away from food. Cough drops look like candy, pills look like candy, shaving cream looks like whip cream! To that point, an open and close sensor can be used to help you monitor things that should be locked up. An open and close sensor can send an alert if someone sneaks into the liquor cabinet or the gun safe. You can event setup alerts on your phone without paying a monthly fee.

Another danger to the home is flooding or frozen pipes. You can help manage this through home automation. Freeze sensors and flood sensors can be placed to monitor for temperature and or water.

‎Keeping Track: The Inner Eye of an Outdoor Life on Apple Books

If an event is detected you will receive a notification so that you can help mitigate the problem before things get out of hand. If you have kids there are two times that it might be tempting to take a break: bath time and snack time. Though they seem self-entertained during these times, kids are not self-sufficient enough to self-supervise. Things can go from good to bad quickly in both of these situations due to the danger of drowning and choking.