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This German company makes stretchy conductive traces inside narrow fabrics, but I have not been able to obtain any samples. It also needs to be solderable.


Do you know of anything like this? This needs to be able to fit through a 1mm bead hole. Any help would be great. Please e-mail me. Thank you. This entry was posted in Workshops. Bookmark the permalink. May I know how I can get some? I was only able to receive a sample of the Jumbo elastic cord. Try writing them and ask for some or where to purchase!

Serge and stabilize

I have made various garments which included flashing leds and music. A brilliant website with video demonstrations. I use these kits within my textiles lessons. Our company is professional dealing with the conductive fabric We can offer you many kinds of conductive fabrics with best price. You can completely trust in us.

Thread Textiles

Our products are now used by many famous companies: Apple, Samsung, Dell, Matsushita, Quidway… If you want to know more about us, pls. Looking forward to hearing from you. I guess, i will have to use it on the machines in the saddlery i work for, but that was not the way i wanted it to go.

If only there were sum really good test results on which threads are good for sewing and which ones are not on this site or somewhere else. That would be a great addition to these conductive-threads articles i would do it myself, if i could afford the material costs with my low-cost-life i live in. And i had to run several tests till every line worked fine. The shieldex yarn is not fully connective as it consists of a mix of nylon and the conductive material itself and one has to find a conducting area by turning around the wire while holding it onto the connection of the circuit.

Hi I have a product that i have to intertwine the conductive string that has elastic properties. Can u help me?

I am looking for a conductive thread to sew into the fingertips of gloves which will allow them to be used with a touch screen phone. I found a kit on vogue fabric store, but I want to be able to buy it in bigger quantities. This is just a product-list. This way i can order tons of samples from different suppliers in different countries.

I know what i want: i want a thread that i can machine-sew and that is conductive. This really drives me MAD. I tried statex, which is basically crap when you use it for e-clothes.

Threads Magazine

So what do i do? Trial and error until bankruptcy?

Neither are you providing such info. At Threads Textile, we are equipped with latest and modern stitching machines a highly skilled labor to meet our modern stitching requirements. Here at Threads Textile we pride ourselves that we not only check the quality of the finished product but also we have an extensive system of in house quality and process control.

Threads Textile has the best-equipped QC laboratory in the region. Here QC technicians are well experienced in assessing all new developments, dyes and chemicals. From time to time as a matter of practice we get our lab results validated from the internationally accredited laboratories. Quality of done work examine in a section before it send for further processing.

We never stop exploring the new ways for further improvement in quality of products. We operate and pay personal attention over QA which refer each business, dyeing, weaving, cutting, stitching, packing process and overall production on committed standards. Our qualified specialists pay their services towards quality and our State of Art laboratory accompanies with fastidious quality checks on each step.

Our Research and Development department provides support to fulfill the latest quality measures.

About Us. Commitment to Excellence.

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Our Aim Our aim and effort is to put together a team of extremely efficient experts to service the needs of retailers and wholesalers. Our Services We offer a gamut of services, right from procuring products from the leading manufacturers, to providing special embellishments and finishes. Our Commitment Our commitment is to provide our customers with the finest products at the best prices has enabled us in winning their trust. World class fabric special made for your comfort. Available in beautiful designs and colors for all generations.


Thread (yarn)

Natural cottons used to create a spellbinding range of bed sheets. Threads Textile has a dedicated facility to manufacture lined and unlined curtain. We produce all kinds of fabric which is used for the manufacturing of bed linen for domestic, hotels and hospital supply. Manufactured from fine cotton in high thread counts, with Threads Textile sheets you have the flexibility to offer your guests the quality they desire.

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