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Before you go to Thailand
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Getting by in Bangkok: Five Do’s and Don’ts in Thailand’s capital

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Thailand Do’ and Don'ts

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The following travel tips of Thai Dos and Donts aim to well inform you before travelling in order to avoid trouble and embarrassment when you are in the kingdom. If it fails, just smile. Thailand Travel Taboo. Do not ever show disrespect towards the Thai Royal Family. Thai people have a deep, traditional reverence for the Royal Family, failing or deliberately failing to show some respect towards the King or the Monarchy in any situation where it is expected, is not only an offense, but can also get you in prison.

Thailand Etiquette and Customs – Do’s and Dont’s

Thailand Donts. Thailand Dos. Be cautious about taking part in rituals with spiritual significance, such as that to show respect for dead people, undertaken in places such as bars.

Mostly Thai people are delighted if you understand what it is, agree with the principle, and wish to participate yourself. Sometimes though, someone can get angry, either because they incorrectly believe you are trying to disrespect the ritual, or perhaps they think that it should be only for Thai people. If you do find a place where your participation is accepted, you can get a very rewarding deeper connection with some people in the conversation, as you are less of a customer tourist.

Do not get up on stage in Agogo to dance. It seems like a fun thing to do if you are a tourist who is new to Thaland. Thais, and non Thai residents of Thailand will just think that you are an annoying idiot. This is a VERY important one! If you go into one of the very many Thai bars that have a computer keyboard that allows you to choose music from the Internet, if you want to play music from Thailand, FIRST ASK if the bar has a licence to play Thai music.

Thai people are very forgiving about aspects of Thai culture and dos and donts in Thailand, for foreigners who might not understand things. This is not the case for playing Thai music. You are supposed to know about it. Do not disrespect bar girls for what they do. Most have a lovely nature and do not deserve to be spoken badly about because they make someone happy, just because of Western cultural predjudices.

Be aware of requirements for driving. To drive a motorbike of any engine size, you require a Thai motorbike driving licence. The police regularly stop people and check for it. If you drink and drive your motorbike, it is very unlikely that you will get away with it for long before being caught. If you want to buy property, unless you are lucky, avoid estate agents and their internet websites.

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  7. Most of it is unavailable or sold and you will be taken around to see properties that you have no interest in. Better to drive around an area looking for a property you like with an advert for sale on it with a phone number. Use a small Thai estate agency or law company for buying your property.

    Don't do this in THAILAND 🇹🇭

    If you get introduced to a non Thai person who is going to deal with you, just walk away. Service in Thailand is second to none. You will struggle to make it as far as the bar before someone takes your order. You are regularly asked if you are ready for another drink, that will be brought to you. When you want to pay, just raise a finger. A girl will be at your table within three seconds. Getting your change might take as long as 20 seconds, but only if the establishment is extremely crowded.

    Taxi fares are totally dependant upon where you are going, at what time, and whether you have company. Tuk Tuks in Thailand, except in areas of Isaan near Loas, are not public transport. They are a gimmic for inexperienced tourists, like plastic Loch Ness monsters sold to people foreign to the UK.

    Pattaya Thailand Do’s and Don’ts | Pattaya Unlimited

    You will get severely, and painfully ripped off. Unless you are in Bangkok, reasonable en-suite accommodation, with a balcony, TV, etc is around 15 U. D per night. Most people, in most normal every day settings, do not palm their hands and bow as a greeting. They do if they are working in a formal setting, or in a hotel or resteraunt that is Expensive. Thai,s are not keen on hard physical work, and if a job requires such, the bill might be quite high. Building work is typically done by Cambodians. I do my own gardening after hearing the quotes I get. There is some rubbish on the Internet about dos and donts in Thailand.

    Not touching the head is one. You will regularly see a girl sitting on a chair, with her friend looking through her hair and running her fingers through it looking for a white hair to pluck out. This process involves the hands being on the friend,s head. When I get my head stroked, it by the use of a Thai persons hands being on my head. Thai people are very quiet and avoid confrontation.

    This is not correct. The Thai men will tend not to get hot headed, angry or loud with a foreign person, either male or female. Many Thai women are the exact opposite, talk loudly and very quickly shout abuse at you if you have said something that slightly annoyed them. Thai people often have a much warmer reaction to foreign people who are obvious first time tourists. Oddly, this seems very much to depend upon location. It is not the case in Bangkok, but can be in other places.