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Serenata Flowers have a number of carnations available to choose from, all of which are perfectly suited to those looking to gift their nearest and dearest with a bouquet of the beautiful and unique bloom. Some of the most popular options include:. Woodland Basket: An ideal gift to give those you wish to share your deepest condolences with. This picture-perfect floral tribute boasts a basket brimming with white oriental lilies, green carnations, white roses, freesia, and chamelaucium — all of which complement one and other.

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Bright Letterbox Flowers: These exquisite blooms promise to raise feelings of warmth and sunshine, even on a rainy day. You can send them directly to the recipient, and the best part? Vibrant roses perfectly complement carnations, freesia, chrysanthemum and statice flowers for a combination that will enhance any room in the house.

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Originally, carnations were pale pink and peach in hue, however, the blooms are now available in wide range of shades, including yellow, red, white, purple and green hues. Regardless of their age, carnations are still one of the most prevalent flowers in existence. Choose from traditional styles, such as pink letterbox flowers in the shape of lily , carnations, chrysanthemum, alstroemeria, gypsophila, and pittosporum.

Alternatively, opt for a statement classic yellow wreath, made up of canary yellow roses and crisp white carnations. The carnation is adored for many reasons, three of which include their ruffled outlook, their clove-like fragrance and their impressively lengthy blooming period. On top of this, carnations are highly associated with various meanings, including distinction, fascination, and love. In addition, the different colors of this flower symbolize different meanings.

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  • Meaning & Symbolism of Carnations.
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The red Carnation is symbolic of admiration, the dark version expresses sentiments of love and affection, and the white carnations are associated with purity and love. Pink carnations, on the other hand, are often gifted to recipients in order to showcase gratitude. This means white carnations can easily be changed into the likes of orange, purple or yellow carnations.

This is a huge advantage when creating specifically themed bouquets and table decorations. It also makes creating bouquets for wedding receptions and events much easier. A scarlet-hued carnation was selected to honor President William McKinley. The humble carnation boasts a huge number of health and medicinal benefits. Some of these benefits include helping to relieve stress levels, rashes, inflammation, skin irritations, fever, stomach aches, and pain.

Carnations | Wholesale Bulk Flowers | FiftyFlowers

The single carnation flowers, also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, boast five petals, which vary in hue from white to pink and purple. Border carnation cultivars on the other hand often showcase double flowers, brandishing an impressive 40 petals. These variants make great centerpieces. Carnations come in the shape of bisexual flowers and tend to bloom in a simple style, or alternatively in a branched or forked cluster. The stamens on carnations represent either one or two whorls, which sit in an equal number or sometimes, double the number of the petals. The carnation leaves, on the other hand, are narrow in style and will stalkless, with their color alternating from green to grey-blue and sometimes purple.

Carnations can grow to an impressive size, with a series of full flowers, which sit upon strong, straight stems. This makes them a great option for green-fingered connoisseurs looking for a statement bloom to place either in their home or garden. When growing this species in gardens, they tend to reach a height of up to 60cm, while the flowers can be up to 8. The pretty petals tend to be clawed or serrated.

Dwarf versions of carnations are also available, and those tend to grow to roughly half the height of other species — around 30cm. The use of carnations in outdoor settings is varied, as they can be used as companions for other plants or as the main attraction. They make for spectacular border plants and do not look out of place in plant pots or containers either.

You may also wish to add them to a rock garden if you want to inject a series of bright colors. Carnations can be grown easily from cuttings, especially those taken from the suckers that form around the stem base, the side shoots, or the main shoots prior to flowering.

For best results, use the cuttings from the base of the plant, as these tend to create the strongest plants.


Bouquets with Carnations

The cuttings should be rooted in sand and placed in a container or pot, where they will need to stay until the months of spring. This is generally in April, as this is when the ground is suitable for planting, and the temperatures have warmed up enough. To promote good growth, use quality soil and opt for a sandy loam. They require at least a few hours of full sunlight each day and should be watered on a regular basis until the soil appears moist.

Raised by Colin Short Bred by Colin Short Bred by M Allwood s. Hybridised and bred by Brian Yates in Southampton Slightly fragrant. Raised by J. Sellars Raised by Woodfield Bros Raised by T. Bradshaw Hybridised and bred by Brian Yates Southampton Raised by C Short Azalea pink self.


Sweet delicate scent. One of the very best Brian has raised. Apricot ground, heavily edged and flecked red. Sport of Doris Allwood Full of fragrance. Grown from a seedling supplied by John Barrington and named by T Gillies This stunning fragrant scarlet was Hybridised and bred by Brian Yates in Southampton A magnificent perfumed scarlet self colour.

Carnation meaning

A very dark, aptly named purple self with a heady scent. Raised by C. Stringfellow The best fancy around. A brilliant yellow base colour flashed with red stripes. A delightful bloom. The Somerset Carnation Collection. Annie Claybourne A cerise self, of good form and robust growth. Annies Fancy Light pink, overlaid a darker pink. Audrey Robinson White background, with heavy purple markings. Brilliant and dazzling colour combination. Brockenhurst Gorgeous Lavender Pink colour that will enhance your collection with that sought after scent.

Flower Carnations Online for Any Occasions

Cranberry Crush Pink base colour, flashed and peppered burgundy. A lovely heady fragrance from this bloom. Stunning and unsurpassed. Crimson Warrior Nice deep crimson colour with exquisite perfume. Crompton Princess Pure white self colour with fabulous fragrance. Doris Allwood French grey, striped rose pink, with a nice clean perfume. Elsie Ketchen Pastel green with a heady scent. A good robust plant.